3 Tips For When You Have To Make A Big Decision or Purchase


Whether you are planning to buy some gorgeous new couch or bed set or even a course for your business, spending a lot of money can be daunting. I have 3 tips for when you have to make a big decision or purchase to share with you! And unless you have the money to burn it can even be stressful… well let’s be honest even if you have the money to burn it can still cause some stress.

I know this first hand. Over the past few years, David and I have wasted so much money on things we thought we needed. On things we thought would help us. Even on things we thought would propel us further in our business.

We bought website templates, new hosting, did bridal and wedding showcases, and even spent a small load of money on some courses. You name it we have pretty much done it! Then after it was all over… I can’t tell you how much I cried over the wasted money and a decision we made in hopes of better ourselves. It was so frustrating it brought me to tears countless times!

The worst part is you would think we would have learned from our mistakes! However, each thing we wasted money on was different from the one before. All I can say is that you learn from your bad experiences just as much as you do from the good ones!

Now, no matter who you are or where you’re at in your circle of life you have seen a someone throwing some course out there. Immediately you’re thinking you need to take that course, or buy that pillow, or have that couch. But!! something deep inside is contradicting that too. Is that your little inner voice?

Here are 3 tips I want to share with you when you have to make a big decision or purchase!

Tip 1:

Sleep On It! Yeah, yeah, if you sign up now you get a bonus! or some throw pillows or whatever. But if you haven’t already decided on acting on whatever it is you are contemplating and there is even the slightest inkling in your gut telling you NO! Then don’t do it! Sleep on it. You might lose out on the bonus material but the bulk of what you want will still be there. You weren’t planning on having that bonus, to begin with, right? So what does it matter if you don’t get it later?

Tip 2:

Talk It Out! I don’t know about you, but I discuss everything with my husband! He is my major sounding board for everything! And I’m sure if you ask him he would probably tell you there are things he didn’t really need to hear. Here’s the big kicker! You don’t always need to talk to someone! You can talk to yourself out loud! I do it all the time, and no I am not crazy! Sometimes it just helps me to process stuff when I talk it over out loud instead of rolling it around in my head.

Tip 3:

Do Some Research! I can not stress this enough! Here’s the thing, most courses, or furniture, or whatever, is out there for you to look at before it’s even on the market! People have worn similar styles and fabrics, had similar furniture or already taken the course. Look at what they have to say about it. One of the biggest things we wasted money on was a series of courses that were not meant for our season of business. These particular courses were meant for beginners… and let’s just say we were very disappointed. If we would have done the research ahead of time though we would have most likely learned that and wouldn’t have wasted the money. This is one of the easiest things to do! If you do this first then when the course or whatever is launched and on the market, you will be prepared! And BONUS you’ll get that bonus I mentioned earlier!

Take your time on everything major that comes up in your life! I’m not talking about marriage here, Y’all! That should be a given by the time he proposes! I’m talking about other major life things. Big furniture purchases, courses, babies, moving, etc. Those things will always be there later. It may not be the current one or the specific style, but it will come back and be very similar… maybe even better!

So tell me, do you have any other tips to add to this? Have you ever wasted money on something you wish you hadn’t? What did you learn from that situation? Let me know in the comments below!

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