5 Ways To Start Off With A Positive Morning


Are you tired of waking up every morning, spilling your coffee, stepping in dog throw up, or not having anything to eat for breakfast? No? Just Me? Well, I have 5 ways you can change your negative morning into a positive morning!

Before I get to the 5 ways you can start your morning off positively I want to share with you how my mornings used to start. I used to let everything get to me. One little thing out of place and I let it ruin my day. If I didn’t get up early enough or didn’t move fast enough to get my routine done, I was mad and the day spiraled down.

Recently I have changed everything about how David and I wake up and go to sleep. These small differences have made a massive difference in a short amount of time! I hope they work for you too!

Now on to 5 ways to start the morning off positive!

1. Have an inspiration board, motivation wall, or something inspiring to look at when you wake up and when you go to sleep. We have found that waking up to this has changed the way we think during the day. It has also changed the way we think before we go to bed. It helps to wake up with a goal and a vision in sight.

Motivational Board

2. Read scriptures instead of reading emails and text messages. David and I have found that when we consistently pray together. Do bible study. Even fill our mornings and days with scripture our days are more peaceful and positive. When we fall off our routine everything in our life de-rails. Seriously we even tend to bicker and fight more often.

charles spurgeon on faith Psalm 62:5

3. Have some motivational/affirmation cards or write some down. This is my new favorite installation in the morning. Recently I bought The Universe Has Your Back card deck by Gabrielle Berstein. These cards are beautiful, and I love the positive messages on each card. It gives you the perfect thing to think about all day long.

Every morning David and pick a card together. We read, discuss, and reflect on what the card says.  You can do this without this deck by writing your own. You can even write a list of affirmations and repeat them over and over again until you believe what you are saying. This has been a game changer for me.

Related imageMake this one of your mottos and each day You will be one day closer to your goals!Hungry for Success Quote Wall Decal Sticker Room Bedroom Art Vinyl Inspirational Decor Motivational Inspirational Gym Fitness

4. Themed Pinterest boards. I love this idea! The reason it’s my favorite is that it’s visual. This goes along with waking up to an inspiration board or motivation wall. I like that you can put anything and everything on your Pinterest board. David and I have one called The High Life. It has everything from the style of place we want to live to the clothes and accessories we want in our life. Looking at this first thing in the morning is perfect. We also have inspiration and entrepreneurial quotes to continually remind us what we want.

Themed Pinterest Board

5. Coffee and an excellent podcast. Podcasts can be a great way to start off your positive morning. Listening to others that have been where you are is inspiring. For me, it’s a reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That with hard work through the mud you can make your dreams come true. Learning and hearing from the people that have made their dreams come true is the best way to have a positive morning.

Image result for coffee

style your mind podcastmarie forleo podcastBeing Boss Podcast

So tell me how you start off with a positive morning? Do you have something to add to my list? Let me know in the comments!

Kayla Grey, Cheers




  1. Chelsea

    May 1st, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    Love this post, and love the pinterest board idea! And those cards are SO cute! My mornings start the night before. I make sure all of our coffee is ready to autostart, clothes clean, and breakfast ready to go when we wake up! Then I spend some time journaling before bed, helps me relax! I wake up refreshed and feeling great.

  2. KaylaGrey

    May 2nd, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    Awe, I’m so glad you liked the post! The Pinterest board helps me visualize my goals! They put it into perspective so I can see what all I’m working towards. LOVE the cards! I really love all the positive messages that are on each one. Gives you something positive to think about throughout the day.

    I love that you set things out for the next day. For some that can help alleviate a lot of stress!

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