The Best Lower Back Pain Relief Exercise and in JUST 15 Minutes!


Lower back pain is… well a pain! Right!

Back when I was a kid my mom said that if I washed the Jeep then she would pay me depending on how well I did. Not saying this is where my back suddenly got ruined… But it is definitely as far back as I can remember the pain starting.

I stayed hunched over cleaning the rims of the jeep’s tires for hours. Or at least it seemed like hours. It was worth the money at the time, but not worth the damage. Again this is just when I remember the pain starting, it could totally have been something else.

Since then I have looked for ways to desperately give me some relief. I have tried everything. Yoga. Stretching. Pretty much anything you can think of including taking Advil. Nothing has ever worked.

There are times where my back hurt so much that I couldn’t turn. After years of trying everything, I was ready to just accept the pain. Accept that there was nothing out there to give me some lower back pain relief.

That is… until I found this YouTube video!

After just 15 minutes I received the most lower back pain relief I have ever received! Ashton is fantastic to listen to as well! She is informational and soft-spoken in the perfect way. This works for me. I hope it works for you too!

By now I am sure you can see that the title of the video says foam roller, and if you know anything about them… they freaking hurt! However, I urge you to give this a try. Really give it all you got and follow her instructions to the best of your ability! Foam rolling is so good for you and helps to release all the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles.

Try the video out! If you love it please hit subscribe on the YogiApproved on YouTube and check out their website too! All their videos are awesome! If you’re an experienced yogi some of these videos will really push your limits!

Lower Back Pain Relief Video

Kayla Grey, Cheers


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