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AHHH!!! I cannot believe I am 31! My birthday was this past Friday, and I can’t believe how much Time has flown by since moving to Seattle. There is still so much I want to accomplish. In all honesty- I don’t feel like I have come any closer to my goals in the last year. From the outside looking in you might disagree but the realization of where I wanted to be at 31… and not being there is hard to swallow.

Here are some of the things I wanted to have accomplished by my birthday this year that I didn’t.

  1. I wanted to have lost all my excess weight. Granted I am closer to my goal than I have ever been… I am still a long ways off.
  2. My rebranded photography company would have more clients and be my full-time job instead of my side hustle. I am still working on getting my name out there.
  3. Having my book in the hands of an editor, proof-reader, or publisher. Somewhere on the track of being worked on for publishing.
  4. Have a home that was fully decorated… which we have never had… and fully furnished. (Okay… we’ll we are really close to this one!)

There are a lot more; however, these are the top four!

Sometime last week, or so, my husband shared an interview with the toughest man alive. At first, I wasn’t interested, but instead of blowing it off I watched it anyway. His name is David Goggins, and he is a beast! Seriously, he is a total beast, and it is all because he changed his mindset! He accepted things that he lacked, and he busted his ass to replace them!

One of my favorite parts of the interview is when he talks about reaching the point of breaking. That stage where he fully accepts everything wrong with him and works to change it. It resonated with me, especially in my weight loss journey. I always said I was working hard- but was I really?

I wasn’t. To take a note from Stanley Tucci, The Devil Wears Prada, I was whining. The only one holding me back is myself! That goes for you too! If you want to have a better body, then you have to change the way you eat and go work out. No one said that you had to work out for hours on end but find a routine that busts your ass and stick to it.

Right now, I bet you could list ten things that you probably shouldn’t be eating and or drinking on a regular basis! Go on, write them/say them. I’ll wait.

Did you do it?

You’re definitely not alone, I’m guilty of it too! We all have to make choices though. Choose to change your life, NOW not later.

So by my 32nd birthday, I plan on meeting all of my goals! I’m not letting anything stand in my way anymore!

What will you do to change your life today and meet your goals? Let me know in the comments!!


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