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Hopefully, you read my yesterday’s posts, if not you can here. This weekend we spent with new friends! Rebecca and I have been talking for over a year now. I met her through an academy were both apart of before we moved to Seattle last year. Well, after a year of talking we decided it was time for us to meet!

So Saturday morning we met at Jewel Box Cafe in Northgate. It’s this cute little coffee shop that also serves crepes! Seriously only here in the PNW would David and I go to a coffee shop and find them making crepes! So not a thing in Houston! This cafe was awesome and very popular! Rebecca and Jeff both ordered food which looked divine making our mouths water.

Time moved incredibly fast! We met up at 9:30 which rapidly turned into lunchtime. No joke, time flies when you are having fun with good friends. From the cafe we made our way to a restaurant called The Ram! I was excited because all of the allergies I have with food, the menu actually looked like it was food I could eat!

I ordered this delicious crab dip style sandwich… totally missing the part that it had mayo on it (which has soy). It was delicious nonetheless! David ordered a really good looking, slightly messy, burger. The fries were freshly cut, and the side of mac and cheese was really creamy. Honestly, the mac and cheese was probably my favorite part. Next time I might just make that my entire meal!

Time continued to speed by. Our lunch date was over before anyone knew it! The next time someone looked at the clock it was after four! Seriously we spent the entire day together!

The best part was that we found another couple that had some of the same goals and ambitions as we do. They are working towards a better more fulfilling life. And hey, we all watch anime and play videos games in our spare time!

It’s important to have friends that believe in the same things. Good friends should be your support, not your downfall. They should believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. It’s hard to find quality friends, especially when you are working so hard to reach such a different level in life. Not everyone wants a life of luxury, but that shouldn’t be the reason they aren’t supporting you.

Oh and if you haven’t heard of Jeff and Rebecca you have to check them out! They are amazing wedding photographers located up in Northern Washington! But they will totally come down or travel to you! “We believe to truly capture a couple in love, it takes a couple in love! Check out Jeff and Rebecca Photography!


Kayla Grey, Cheers

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