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Sometimes David and I have a hard time finding the motivation to work out. I’m sure everyone does every once in a while. However, what we witnessed yesterday lit a fire in us I didn’t even know I still had.

Saturday was fabulous! We went apartment hunting and found the perfect place! It is everything we prayed and asked for! We enjoyed long walks, a bit of shopping, and cooking together! It was a perfect Saturday!

Yesterday had a wonderful start too! We got up and grabbed some coffee and started our morning off we Bible study by the water. In my mind, it was the perfect way to start our Sunday. Afterward, we went and looked at two more places but still felt the one we found the earlier day was exactly what God planned for us.

We grabbed a drink at our favorite little Italian place, finally spent David’s gift card on a sweater at J. Crew, and got a new pair of jeans and a dress. However, it was on our way home that something in us snapped.

As we waited for the bus, enjoying our time together, we were unaware of a mugging that was happening just feet away from us. As we looked over, it appeared to be a fight. The situation took longer than it should have to register what was happening. It was over just as quick as it happened, and the three people dressed in black were running away with the man’s Louis Vuitton duffel bag.

That all too familiar feeling of feeling helpless was not welcomed as it washed over me. I just wanted the bus to come so we could get on it and go home. As we rode further away from the crime spot David looked over at me and said: “we need to be working out every day and we need to learn self-defense” the motivation in his eyes and voice was clear.

I have witnessed a lot of things coming to this city I have not seen first hand before. The homeless amount is large. The drug usage among them and other’s is very real! That was something I saw for the first time when my mother came to visit for Christmas. Finally… crime happening right in front of you. I have never seen a mugging or robbery before. It was scary to see it happening right before me and have my brain not even register what was going on.

Believe me when I say that the lack of motivation to work out disappeared in seconds. All I have now is motivation to workout, be healthy, fit, and be able to defend and kick-ass when need be. Even though this week will be crazy with moving we are going to use our gym to no end, and as soon as we can afford it we will be enrolling in self-defense classes.

Everyone should know how to defend themselves and their loved ones. I want to be someone who can confidently walk around, even in heels, and not be so terrified that I freeze if I get attacked. David and I want to be a couple that can defend each other if it came down to it.

Fitness Motivation

Kayla Grey, Cheers

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