Homemade Baked Pretzels, I’m In Total Heaven!


I LOVE pretzels! I think they are fantastic pretty much in any form! I love them with salt, stuffed, with cinnamon sugar, pretty much anyway! I really want to venture out and make a pumpkin pretzel… if I can do that I would be in the heaven of heaven!

I decided that I would make soft baked pretzels from scratch! I found a fabulous recipe on Pinterest from The Cottage Market. I have never made pretzels before, so I knew that the first round was going to have some bumps, but that’s the beauty of learning something new! I followed the recipe exactly, and I should have tweaked what I did a little.

I let the dough rise for a full hour instead of only 40 minutes. Then I cut it into 8 equal parts as suggested, but since I let it rise to a little more than double the size, I should have made the parts smaller. I guess I could have just made massively large pretzels! Anyway, my pretzels came out really fluffy, and some more like rolls than actual pretzels. They were still good none the less! This round I only made them with a little melted butter and salt, then over the weekend I made them again with cinnamon & sugar!

One of the best things about making them at home, is you can use them for anything! Making some that are thicker and closer together allow you to make a bun! So with one of the last pretzels left, yes they were eaten that fast, I made a breakfast sandwich! I can’t wait to make these again… but I think I will do the baking soda bath/boil over just brushing it over the top. The bath helps to make them come out the correct color, distributing the baking soda over the pretzel evenly, while also preserving their shape!

I highly suggest trying the recipe I found on Pinterest, which you can find here!

Let me know which was you try it, and how they come out!

Have a great weekend!


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