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Things are different now and I don’t know how to fix them. I find my insomnia worse than ever. The fear of whats to come always keeping me wide awake. My body hurts and my chest aches. I’m having an anxiety attack at all times of the day. How can anyone live in a world like this?

A few years ago society changed. The law wasn’t getting things done and most people found them to be a joke. So the wealthy took things into their own hands. Not all the wealthy just a few who were approached specifically.  However, the biggest problem is no one knows who the government went to. So there are just a select few all over the world who have the power to punish the wicked.

I guess it works though. Crime has cleared up mainly because everyone is afraid for their lives. No one who was innocent has been harmed, however, I have heard of some people being used as bate. That’s just a rumor though… I hope.

These days I mainly stay in my home and wish that my best friend would do the same. She doesn’t listen to me though especially now that she has met someone. I have no idea who and when I ask she always avoids telling me his name. The sound of my phone ringing from the living room pulls me from my ever growing dark thoughts. I really hope she isn’t seeing someone dangerous.

The phone stops ringing then starts up again. I can just see her beautiful picture and name glowing on the screen. “Hey, Cleary! Are you almost here?”

She giggles, “Yeah about to turn the corner.” I can hear her car round the corner and park in my driveway shortly after. I walk on to the porch as we hang up. She jumps out of the car running towards me. “I can’t stay too long!”

“What! Why? This was supposed to be our night to hang out.”

“I know, but I… um… have a date.”

“Cleary, you promised.” I slightly whine. She rolls her eyes plops her hand on her hip and drops her weight to one side. “You seeing that guy again? The one you won’t tell me about?”

Her cheeks turn a brilliant shade of pink and her eyes light up as they meet mine. “Yes.”

“Cleary, you have to be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Oh, whatever!” She barrels past me into the house.


Her giggles travel from the living room. I find her talking on her phone her face completely alight. She must be talking to him. A nasty feeling pulls in my gut, as it always does when she’s talking to him. I don’t know why but there is just something bad about him that doesn’t sit right with me. Every single time I ask about him, what he does, his name, anything… she moves on.

“So, Misty. I really am sorry. I wasn’t planning on having a date but he insisted.”

“Cleary, please don’t go. Or at least tell me about him. Who is he?”

She shifts her weight from side to side, her glance falling away from mine. “I… I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?” She ignores me playing with her hair. “Cleary!” I shout slamming my hand on the counter.

Her eyes snap to mine. I can see she wants to tell me, she wants to tell me everything, but her phone buzzes once again pulling her attention from me. “Sorry, babe have to go.” Before I get another word she is giving me a hug and running out the door.

3 Days Later…

“Misty!” the barista calls from the counter. I grab my coffee and find a seat near the window. It’s been three days since I heard from Cleary. She normally, at the very least, replies to me via text but I haven’t heard a word. I’m really getting nervous. I tried talking to the police, which I know was ridiculous but I had to try.

A couple hours ago I got an anonymous phone call from a man saying he wanted to talk to me. He mentioned something about Cleary and where to meet him before the line went dead. I only came because it was a public setting and during the day. I don’t know why I am doing this though. Even if he did haul me away kicking and screaming no one would even take a second glance at us.

“Is this seat taken?” A lusciously deep British voice asks.

“I’m wai-” Damn… he’s hot. He waits patiently for me to speak but I can’t find my words. He clears his throat. “Sorry,” I shake my head, “I’m waiting for someone.”

“Ah, I believe that would be me. You’re Misty I presume.” It wasn’t a question. He takes a seat next to me his scent engulfing my senses. He smells incredible.

“I’m sorry, why am I waiting for you?”

He chuckles low in his throat. It’s not until now I take in his attire. Well dressed, suit, handsome, well mannered. Shit, he’s one of the select. “Ah, I know who you are. I mean I don’t know who you are but I know who you are.”

“Good, then I don’t have to catch you up. I figured a public place would be the only way to get you to meet me.”

“Funny, you act like you know me.” A smirk pulls at his lips sending an electricity through me. “Wait, do you know me?” He gives me a curt nod. “How?”

“I know Cleary.” I gasp. He has my full attention now.

“Are you Cleary’s man?” Please don’t…

“No,” thank God, “but I knew her. She spoke a lot about you.” Knew? Spoke? Why is he speaking in the past tense? “She disappeared, and so did the man she was seeing.”

“What!” My heart sinks. I knew it. I didn’t want her seeing him. He was bad news. I want to fall apart. Please God let her be safe.

“I want your help to find her.”

“I’m just supposed to trust you? We just met.” He sighs. “What’s your name?”

“Hunter. I don’t mean you any harm. I just want to find Cleary… and get to know you.” I can’t help the smile that pulls at my lips.

“Was the man she was seeing like you?”


“How do I know I will be safe with you?”

“I promise nothing will happen to you. Shall we go?” He stands and outstretches his hand to me. I sit there staring at his impeccably dressed physique, strong jaw, perfect facial hair, and stunning deep blue eyes. Without really thinking my hand slips into his. It’s warm and comforting. What is wrong with me?

… to be continued.


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