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Personality Types

I came across this personality test yesterday and I thought it would be fun to share it! I have taken several personality tests in the past, but this one has been the most accurate! It doesn’t take long to answer the questions, about 10-15 minutes tops! Who knows maybe it will help uncover some mysteries about yourself or a loved one! You can take the test HERE!

I am a INFJ-T. Im quiet and mystical, but very inspiring and a tireless idealist! I am introverted at first, but once I get comfortable then I can become an extrovert. I am very passionate in everything I do. I want to help people, and everything I do is planned out and with great purpose! I take care of everyone else before myself. I’m split between a thinker and a feeler, so I guess its safe to say that it depends on the situation how I handle it. After skimming over my results I read them to my husband, David, who decided to take the test too.

David is INFJ-A. We are exactly alike except in one category, and it happens to be the one thing that we have a tendency to bump heads on. He is INFJ-Assertive, and I am INFJ-Turbulant. He is calm and collected when dealing with stressful subjects at home, and I am more concerned with everything, and how everyone is feeling. In retrospect this is fantastic! We see eye to eye on most everything, and the few things we don’t, we balance each other out. Keeping one another from spiraling out of control in each others own way!

I encourage everyone to take one of these tests, even if it is just for fun! It can be a great way to learn something new about each other, and help out in situations in the future! What’s your personality type?

You can find the test HERE!

Have a fun, fabulous, and blessed Monday!



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