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Today is International Women’s Day!

I just want to take a moment to tell every woman out there that you are amazing! There are so many women out there that just work against each other. Constantly trying to be better than their friend or someone they see online. I don’t understand why we have the need to act this way towards each other.

We should be supporting each other! Inspiring one another to be the best they can be. Lifting each other up higher so we can push each other to reach our goals. There is plenty of everything we want out there.

International Women's Day

I challenge you to reach out to the amazing women in your life and tell them how amazing they are! Tell them how they inspire you. Even if it’s just your mom, sister, or even a female family member, I am sure there is someone that inspires you. If you know someone who is a bit down right now maybe this message will lift them up.

Maybe someone is lost and your message will make them realize they should try again. That their goals are worth fighting for and your support is just what they needed to hear. Everyone can have down times, and we don’t support each other enough. Women feel alone and judged so much. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could change that?

We have fought so hard to get to where we are at. There is so much more ground we can cover if we step out of the judgemental circle. We could be so much stronger as a pack instead of alone.

International Women's Day

Let’s empower each other instead of tearing one another down.

Happy International Women’s Day! Remember you are incredible, amazing, and inspiring!

Kayla Grey, Cheers


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