For The Love of Writing: Friday Writing Prompts


So since writing is my other great love and I haven’t shared any of it with you. I have decided that every Friday I will be doing a post based on a writing prompt! I am doing this for a few reasons!

One: I get to share my great passion for writing with you!

Two: I get to continue to build and grow my writing!

Three: I get to work on keeping my brain active and constantly on its toes! (Not going to lie, that last bit made me laugh a little!)

I am only making one rule for myself! It’s to sit, focus on the prompt and just write! So please be forewarned… it may not be perfect, and it may change later!

Alright… today’s prompt has been picked and provided by my wonderful husband!

Writing Prompt


The alarm on my phone rips me from my dream as it rings loud and suddenly. For the fourth day in a row, I have started my day off shaking and disoriented. I have been having these weird dreams lately but can never remember them in the morning. The unwelcomed feeling that something bad is about to happen sticks with me throughout the day. When the day ends, and nothing has happened yet, the feeling grows stronger instead of dissipating.

Gathering myself I get out of bed, grab my clothes for work, and head into the shower. Fifteen minutes later I am clean, dressed and ready for work. A quick glance at the clock informs me I have just enough time to grab something to eat before heading out the door. Thankfully I made a bunch of breakfast sandwiches over the weekend and froze them. I hate processed food and make it a point to meal prep on Sunday’s to avoid eating out or grabbing some junk food, on the way to work.

Traffic is light today so the uber ride to work is quiet and fast. My driver ate a crumbly protein bar before devouring a burger, dropping ketchup all over his disproportionate chest and stomach. The moment he pulls up to the office, I jump out, leaving him to move on to whatever food he was grabbing next. My office building is fairly tall and I work on the twenty-fifth floor. I am the personal assistant to the CEO. Although the job is non-stop I absolutely love it and couldn’t wish for a better man to work for!

I quickly blend into the sea of people filing into the building, just to disperse into different directions as we enter the lobby. The security guards greet me sweetly as I swipe my pass making quick and light chit chat before dashing to catch the closing elevator. Just as I reach the door a hand pops through the crack stopping the doors from closing. “Thank you,” I say softly slightly out of breath as I step into the elevator.

“You’re welcome.” His voice is rough and clipped, but I am greeted with warm bright hazel eyes and a smile as I look up. That unwelcomed feeling blooms hard and deep in my gut. I don’t want to be in this elevator anymore, but I have no choice. “What floor?” He asks. I glance over at the lit up board and tell him 25. His grin widens as he thumb presses the 25th floor. Since I am the only one getting off on that floor I make my way to the back of the elevator.

We fly through the first few floors allowing people on and off. The way our building is laid out is different than most. We have a large gym with sauna, showers, etc. along with a food court in the middle of the building. The people on the higher floors say this divides the big wigs from the others.

The ride is silent and always awkward. People cough quietly, hold in sneezes, talk to themselves, dance, whatever suits them at the time. I have learned to ignore it by usually staring down at the floor. That seems to help the ride go by faster.

“How is everyone doing this morning?” A man in the corner asks clearing his throat. Everyone looks around at each other rather confused. I can just barely see his lips pull into a wide grin. “So, I bet you are all wondering why I have gathered you here.”

What? We all work here, don’t we? Frantically the people in front of me look at each other. It dawns on me that not one of them look familiar. Why didn’t I realize that before? I know everyone here because I work for the CEO.

“All of you should have received a letter to meet here at this specific time. I did that so that you all would arrive together and be in the same elevator.”

I have no idea what he is talking about! I didn’t receive anything! Thankfully all of the people in front of me tower over, hiding me from the man in the corner. I really hope this is a gag! John has so much going on today I can’t afford to be late!

“You all have something in common. We are going to see who is better.”

“What do we have to do?” A man’s voice fills the elevator.

That’s it? Just a question? Am I the only one that shouldn’t be here?

The elevator comes to a hard stop. My heart skips. I can’t breathe. I fumble quietly for my phone just as a message comes in. Thankfully it’s on do not disturb. It’s from my sister. Ignoring it I quickly message John apologizing for being late. He normally messages me right away but nothing comes in.

“Did you bring what I asked?” The man asks. Everyone pulls knives, guns, and bombs out of their jackets. What the hell! “Good.” Again he grins wide, showing off his perfect teeth.

The lights go out. I cover my mouth stifling a gasp. Please tell me no one heard me! 

“Each of you has taken at least a life within the past month. Some of you more. Today you will fight for your own life.”

Oh my God! This is not happening right now! I can’t even use my phone now! I should have messaged John I was in trouble! Shit!

The small room breaks out into soft chuckles. I can sense everyone’s wide grins, and the air around me shift into something evil. Is this a game? Why am I here?

“What do we do? We can’t see anything!” A smaller voice rings sounding less than thrilled with the situation.

“Whatever is necessary.” The man’s voice is but a whisper now.

“Well, we knew this would happen sooner or later.”

“Speak for yourself!”

“Meh, this doesn’t bother me! We are all the same!”

What is wrong with these people? How can they talk this way? Maybe I should have spoken up earlier!

“No point in prolonging the inevitable! Let ‘s get started!”

“This is easy! I have a grenade. I can just kill us all!”

Soft laughter fills the elevator. “I forgot to mention. No bombs, explosives, or guns. Close range weapons only.” The man’s voice fills the cramped room again.

“Bull shit! What the hell are we supposed to do then?”


Tears stream down my face. I’m trying desperately to not sob uncontrollably. I am a good person. I have never killed anyone. I have always gone to church. I try not to curse. I do my job. I love working with my boss. I take risks. I live my life. Why am I stuck in an elevator with a bunch of psychopaths?

“Screw y-” Warm spots splash across my face. The sound of a man choking and gurgling fill my ears.

The room breaks out into grunts, choking sounds, gasps, and laughter, before it all molds together and becomes noise. I’m slammed back into the wall, my lower back bending over the railing. Someone grabs my waist yanking me to the side and into a corner.

“You’re safe. I have you.” A man whispers softly in my ear. “I didn’t see you get on.”

John! What the hell is he thinking?

As the chaos around me continues I take solace in the fact that he is shielding me from what’s happening. Though I still can’t believe he is the one that put this together. Someone bumps into us, pushing John closer to me. I grab his jacket clinging to him. His heartbeat speeds up, his breath turns shallow. His intoxication scent breaks through the metallic smell filling the elevator.

“You’re safe. I promise.” Then everything stops. The only breathing I hear is ours.

If you made it this far you are amazing and I thank you for taking the time to read this! I know it’s dark and twisted, but let me know your thoughts below! Love you all!

Kayla Grey, Cheers

  1. Chelsea Tyree Spencer

    January 6th, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    As always you have out done yourself; this is absolutely amazing! I want more to read! You sucked me into the story and make me feel! You are a writing genius! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I can’t wait until next Friday!

  2. KaylaGrey

    January 8th, 2018 at 6:36 am

    Awe! You are too sweet! Thank you so much, Chelsea! It was so much fun writing this! I also can’t wait until next Friday to do another one!

  3. KLM

    January 6th, 2018 at 11:21 pm

    that’s so impressive that you are doing so much writing! that was a captivating story! we want the end now 🙂

  4. KaylaGrey

    January 8th, 2018 at 6:39 am

    Thank you, KLM! Writing is my other great love! I am glad that I am finally sharing it with everyone now! Maybe I’ll extend the story in another post! ;P

  5. Marquette

    January 7th, 2018 at 8:19 am

    Now I need to know what happens!!!!!

  6. KaylaGrey

    January 8th, 2018 at 6:42 am

    Haha! I am so glad that you liked it, Marquette! It took a lot of courage to post it!

  7. aceandlb

    January 8th, 2018 at 10:39 am

    Great writing! Love this!!! I want MORE!!

  8. KaylaGrey

    January 8th, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    Awe! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I will definitely be posting these more!

  9. KaylaGrey

    January 8th, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    You are all so awesome and sweet! I was so afraid of posting this, but I am so glad that I did! Y’all are amazing! Thank you for the support! <3

  10. veronica ilioi

    January 10th, 2018 at 10:42 am

    yoooooooo! you can’t leave me hanging like that, I need more! please!!!

  11. KaylaGrey

    January 10th, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    Hahaha!!! Awe, thanks, Veronica! I am so excited that you liked it!! Writing is so important to me and my other great love!! You all are incredible! Thank you for the support!! I’ll have another juicy prompt on Friday! Maybe I’ll even add to this one later!! ;D

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