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This weekend was emotional and amazing all together! I went thrift shopping for the first time and had an emotional breakdown/through Sunday. However, the highlight of my weekend was meeting Rachel Hollis at the Girl Wash Your Face Seattle Book Tour in Redmond at Evereve!

It was a crazy whirlwind of an evening! We started off our Saturday in North Gate looking for a particular outfit for something coming up within the next week or so. More on the shopping bit in a different post coming this week!

By the time we finished and finally got home we had roughly an hour before we had to get back on the bus. David took a nap while I replied to some important emails. Everything became an emotional rollercoaster after that.

Because I don’t like to go to strange cities in the dark, far away, alone I wanted David to come with me. I thought I woke him with enough time to throw shoes on and walk out the door… but I was wrong.

Long story, and an emotional meltdown, short, we missed our buses. It was going to be an hour-long bus ride to Redmond and we were going to be at least 30 min late! I was a wreck! I don’t like showing up late for anything and I was going to be missing the event I’ve looked forward to for a couple of months!

Finally after much walking, in the totally wrong shoes, I arrived at Evereve in the Redmond Town Center. Rachel Hollis was at the tail end of her speech and even though I didn’t get to hear it all I soaked up all I could. She was amazing, caring, and genuine, even in just those few moments!

At the end of the evening, I had to race out to try to catch yet another bus home. The women at the book tour were amazing and did everything they could to get me in line to meet Rachel Hollis earlier just so I could catch the next bus. I wish I would have had more time to talk to her, but the few seconds I had were amazing!

David and I ended up missing our bus, so we decided to have a really quick bite at the nearby BJ’s before catching the next one. I ate food I shouldn’t have but it was worth it. Every minute I got to spend at this incredible tour was worth the chaos I endured earlier and later in the day!

If you haven’t heard of Rachel Hollis you definitely need to check her out at The Chic Site! She is amazing and incredibly inspiring! She has a huge momma following, and although I’m not one, I still find her incredible! Seriously though, I think I was the only one there that isn’t a mom!

Thank you for coming all the way to Seattle Rachel! It was incredible meeting you!


Rachel Hollis Girl Wash Your Face Seattle Book Tour

Kayla Grey, Cheers


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