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I’m not sure if I have ever shared how David and I met. How we became to live in Seattle. How we came to be destination wedding photographers. Today I thought i would share our very strange story about how we officially met, and how he asked me to be his girlfriend.

In 2007 I was honorably discharged from the Navy. I came home to go attend cooking school at the Art Institute of Houston. Which ended up actually being Media Arts + Animation. While in school I worked at a place called Picture People. One of the girls in particular that I worked with became a fast friend for me.

She was fabulous, and just the friend I needed when I came home. So one evening she decided she wanted to get a tattoo, she is deathly afraid of needles. Wanting to make a fun night of it, she called David and asked him to come out. With the thought of me being hot, which I was not, in mind he agreed.

We finally arrived at Sacred Heart in Houston. As we sat there waiting for our friend to get a tattoo, I noticed he was wearing a Cowboys hat. The football team, not an actual cowboy hat. Also can I insert, I am totally about to be lame here! My first ever comment to him was “So you like the cowboys?”

Totally lame right! I mean hide in a hole, lame. Clearly he was a fan, he was wearing the darn hat! Oh! Another fun tidbit! Because of the way I dressed and acted when I came home from the Navy, David thought I was gay. I honestly don’t remember what he said to me after. Obviously it wasn’t so bad that we aren’t speaking!

After our friend chickened out and bought her sister a tattoo instead, we headed to her sisters house. A night filled with drinking, yes we were not supposed to be, shhh…, and truth or dare. This was September of 2007.

Fast forward to April of 2008. David and I are best friends, we do pretty much everything we can to not be in either persons house, but still together.

For my 21st Birthday David bought me the special edition of Sweeney Todd. He was staying over at my house for the weekend, to celebrate my birthday. As we were watching the movie, I asked something in regards to us. His response was… wait for it.. “I’ll give you a try.”

No joke, that is how we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We shared the worst kiss either of us have ever had, officially becoming a couple. It was one of the best presents I have ever received! Our relationship has definitely been tested.

Even at the beginning we had bets going against how long we would stay together. We have defied them all! Our relationship is as strong as ever! Probably because we were both so awkward towards each other in the beginning, nothing can hold us back now!

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