Plans Are Nice But Prepare For Change


So to be completely honest last week was a hot mess. Needless to say, plans are nice but you need to prepare for change. I had all of my blog posts topics planned out. I was ready and excited to start another week. However… On Monday morning I did something to my back.


It was subtle, a twinge here, a pinch there. I ignored it hoping that it wouldn’t interfere with my every day but the slight pain was a constant reminder. By the time I went to bed Wednesday night and woke up Thursday morning I couldn’t move. As I carefully walked around, in tears holding my back I got ready for work because I still totally went.

Actually, I wouldn’t say I am a workaholic, I would say that I have a solid work ethic. I could still technically move and do my job so there was no reason for me not to go. That being said, I had to take Advil, which I hate doing. My creativity… was nonexistent. This drove me crazy!

I don’t like change, I mean the type of change that I can control. I beat myself up about not having things better planned out. I told myself over and over that I should have had everything typed out. It should have been scheduled. Why didn’t I do more?

Silly right? I’m in pain, I can’t move, and I am beating myself up because I couldn’t stick with my plans. Change, especially change that I can control, doesn’t work well for me. Changing with the times is one thing, but when there is something that I could have done to prevent it… that’s a different story.

If I am not giving it my all, pain or not, I am not doing enough. Totally crazy right? I should be taking care of myself and not worry about whether or not I get a blog post done. Or get an Instagram post scheduled. But that just isn’t how I am and it never has been.

Yesterday David and I were watching MarieTV. Which by the way if you haven’t checked her out yet… you totally need too!

Marie Forleo

Anyway, we watched several of her videos and the biggest take away from that was that I need to accept that things change. It doesn’t matter if I don’t want them to or not. Or the photoshoot I was planning got delayed. Or the fact that we spent the entire Saturday with some new friends (more on that later) instead of returning things. I need to roll with the fact that plans change and I need to be grateful.

Remember that when plans aren’t going your way to accept the change and roll with it. Who knows it might just be better that they changed. You may get to spend the day with some incredible people instead of returning something that doesn’t fit or you don’t like. Be flexible and fluid to the change in the winds.

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Kayla Grey, Cheers


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