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All my life I have had fine hair. It is just about as hard to style as someone with thick and curly hair. However, people who don’t have fine hair doesn’t necessarily understand that. Just like we will never know what it’s like to style thick curly hair.

So I have been looking for tips on how to best style fine hair without weighing it down. Becuase, let’s face it… our hair just doesn’t look bouncy like that Herbal Essence or Tresemme shampoo commercials.

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Before I get into the tips I have found, I want you to know I haven’t tested these yet. I plan on it, and I can’t wait to show you the difference… or lack thereof! And if you have any tips! let me know them in the comments!
Now on to the tips!

1. Wash Your Hair More Often! I always thought that the more you washed your hair the worst it got. However, that is not true for us fine haired girls! We need to be washing our hair more often. That doesn’t mean every day, but every other day or every 2 days is what we should be shooting for.

2. Don’t Condition the roots! I don’t mean don’t use conditioner on your roots, but not every time you wash your hair. You can do condition your roots once or twice a week. But for the most part, you should be conditioning the ends on the hair and up to about the roots.

3. Don’t sleep with your hair wet! This one I can totally attest to! When I go to bed with my hair still wet it’s a total mess in the morning! I wake up with kinks, cowlicks, and tangles galore! Without my flat iron, there would be no coming back. If you have to go to sleep with your hair wet, braid it, or put it up in soft rollers.

4. Blow dry your hair upside down! This is supposed to help give your fine hair volume without having to use a lot of products that tend to weigh it down. I know this works well with styling products, however, the ones I have been using… I think have been a little stiff. When I flip my hair back over it’s standing nearly straight up!

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5. Avoid heavy styling products! Heavy pastes, gels, and other styling products weigh the hair down. It makes them look lifeless and flat. None of these is something we want right! I bet you’re envying those people with thick hair now though.

Us with fine hair listening to people of have thicker hair complain about their hair.

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Hopefully, with these tips we can go from this:
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To this… or close to… or make us feel like this:
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Do you have some good styling tips for fine hair? Let me know in the comments! I am dying for ways to make my hair feel and look gorgeous and alive! I would even be happy with this… wouldn’t you!?
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Kayla Grey, Cheers
** I do not claim any of the gifs or images from this post! For more problems check out HoneyFund Blog for bridal tips for fine hair! **

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