Top 10 Romantic Things To Do For Your Anniversary


This Friday David and I are celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary! So I thought it would be fun to share my top 10 romantic things to do for your anniversary. But first a bit of our history.

David and I have been together for 10 years this April, 6 years married this Friday, and friends for 11 years this September. We regularly wonder what our life would be like if we would have met in high school instead of when I came home from the Navy. If you haven’t read our story about how we met, definitely give it a glance, How We Met. Every year we have been together has been an amazing adventure. We have watched each other evolve, helped each other grow, refined each other, and brought out the best.

Now on to…

Top 10 Romantic Things To Do For Your Anniversary!

  1. Making Fresh Pasta! Something we have fallen in love doing is making our own fresh pasta. I can honestly say that if you have never made fresh pasta you should give it a try… it will change your life! It takes a little while to make but so much fun to do together! Our favorite is making fresh ravioli. Since it takes a little while, you can always make a bunch and then save the ones you don’t cook.
  2. Coffee Date and a Town Walk! David was not a coffee drinker when we first got together. However, now he drinks coffee with me! Throw on some comfortable shoes, dress cute, and go grab some coffee/tea/hot chocolate, and take a walk around the city. It is really a gorgeous city when you just walk around and take everything in.
  3. Movie Date! Whether it’s a movie out or a movie at home, snuggle up together and enjoy the presence of one another. Both David and my love language is touch. We find that we are comforted by each other the most as long as we are touching in some way. It’s warm and comforting, just the closeness of being together is romantic.
  4. Play a Game Together! David and I love to play games together. We don’t normally play board games but we do play video games. Skyrim is one of our favorites, and although it is a one player we help each other out anyway.
  5.  Read Together! Along with not being a coffee drinker, David wasn’t a reader either. That has also changed! Now he is reading three books at once. Turn on some music, grab your favorite drink, and settle up on the couch together and read. Read to each other or separately, the point is to share the time.
  6.  Talk! I know this sounds super silly, but this is something we do! Sometimes we talk for hours, about everything! Life goals, our personal goals, professional goals, what’s going wrong in our life, what we want to fix, each other, etc.
  7.  Stay-cation! Find a beautiful, luxurious, hotel and rent it for the weekend! Pick some great restaurants and fun things to do while there and enjoy some time away from the house.
  8.  Go Out to a Romantic Dinner! If you are in Seattle a couple of our favorite restaurants are Orfeo, Il Fornaio, Pike’s Brewery, and the Melting Pot! Three of the four of these are intimate, romantic, places. However, we love the food at Pikes Brewery! There isn’t a thing on the menu we haven’t loved! It’s for a more casual date but in our opinion, it’s still romantic. You can make almost any outing a romantic one. It’s all about the light air you and your loved one have around you.
  9.  Have a Romantic Dinner at Home! Light some candles, turn on some fun music, and cook up a fabulous meal together! Cooking together is one of the best ways to spend time together! Or bake something together! Make cookies, brownies, or a sheet cake. Hey, no one is looking if you two end up sitting down with the cookie dough and eating it instead of baking it! (Ha, ha!)
  10.  Art Museums or Any Museums! Expand your minds and go look at some art! Or have fun at a science museum! I believe that museums get a bad wrap. They can truly be a lot of fun, and talking with the one you love about what you are looking at can really change your perspective!

So… what do you think of my anniversary list? Have better ones to share or add? Let me know in the comments!

Kayla Grey, Cheers

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